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my final results-

first attempts-

first idea process-
We all took part in a role play exercise which involved joining into groups of 2 or 3, our group had Nicole, Elise and I and we invented a name for our graphic design business, our name was- PEOPLE DESIGNS or PPL DESIGNS which are the initials of our last names and we were in a group of 3 which looking back at it now may have been an advantage seeing we all had more ideas to work with as opposed to the people in groups of 2.
We sat down in an interview style situation with everyone in the class watching, it was quite daunting at first but than it actually starting to feel like a real interview situation and we had to impress the client and ask the correct questions to get the information we needed. Our client, in this case his name was Steve Deaconsfield from Deaconsfield solicitors of Wagga Wagga.
The interview started with him introducing himself and shaking our hands, telling us what the history of his business was and what his requirements were for the project in question, as he was doing this we all took down notes which would help us in the design process later on. The history of his business was he had been in business for 6months but had been very successful in this time, which told me that he wouldn’t necessarily care about the budget but he hadn’t specified at that stage as yet. He had a staff of 26, and 5 solicitors which is quite are large number of staff for a solicitors group based in Baylis street of Wagga Wagga I think, so he came off as very business minded and professional person who would not tolerate second class work.
He then went on to tell us the requirements of the project he was after, those things included the colors of which he wanted his design to be and in this case he was after blues and grays, instantly I thought of light sky blues and grays which I think are to colors that work well and give a very professional and successful feeling.
The most important aspect of his requirements was that he wanted it to look classy but at the same time not clinical. He said he wanted it to be tight and minimal but gave a warm comfortable feeling that people could recognize the minute they saw it. Steve used the commonwealth bank as an example with its simple box logo and its plain but effective type face. He was after the same sought of idea, having a classy symbol everyone could relate to when they saw it and a type face that made it look professional though comfortable at the same time.
We all had our chance to ask questions and to get a feel for what he was after, from there we moved onto the budget and it was what I had first thought, he wasn’t concerned about the budget which from a budding hopeful graphic designer to be, it’s a good thing to hear because it gives you free rein to do the ideas you want to do but without the restrictions of money weighing on your mind. We concluded the interview with any last questions and shook hands once again and that was it. We sat back down and began thinking up ideas instantly, squiggling drawings on paper.
My first ideas were to use the initials of the name and incorporate that with the type face I decided to use. It was good because I looked at everyone’s own ideas and we all had different avenues we wanted to take, this helps when we were to have to sit back down with the employer and have more ideas to provide. People designs got along really well, none of us were afraid to speak about the ideas we wanted to do and after deciding to go forward with a prominent idea we all agreed on, we also designed a few ideas of our own.
We had one idea we all thought would be the idea that he would like; it involved a capital letter D inside a diamond shape which has the same similarities which the commonwealth logo has as well. Nicole’s idea was a tree which a river running threw it inside a box and the initials DS in a blue font which looked really good. We decided Elise would be best if she worked on the prominent idea and one of her own and I played around with my own idea as well.
We finished our initial ideas and had to sit down with Steve once more to go through the them, he took bits and pieces of what he liked of our ideas. He liked our main idea but it needed more work and he like my type face I used and he like the organic feel to Nicole’s work as well. Some designs didn’t get a run which were surprising because we thought they actually quite good but that’s what we are to expect when it comes to graphic design.
My own design was a bit left of field at first and at a second glance it needed to be tighter and more minimal. I play around with what he said about Nicole work, and how he like the river organic feel and turned a flow of water into a D which I think works quite well. I also had a second idea of using a half moon as the D in my second design which also works better than my first attempt. I Think I at first I found illustrator quite limiting because I didn’t know how to get my ideas on the screen but as time progressed it got easier to use and I proved it with my final designs. I was lucky to have picked the right typography at first because I used it in my later designs.
I enjoyed this assignment because it gave me the impression of what I am to expect if it was a real life situation. As a whole the group worked well together, yes we all had our separate ideas but be also had an idea we all agreed on, maybe that’s not the best way to work as a group but as our first exercise doing it I was happy. I don’t think having to do a design in one day is reasonable though, especially in our case because he was after something very classy and professional, that takes more time to produce rather than a logo for a touch footy shirt or something for example. Im not totally sure the amount i would charge for a project like this but if i was to have a guess i would say probably between $700 to $100 depending on the amount of time spent on it.
The client seemed exactly what I would have expected and everything he wanted was doable and not unrealistic about his expectations. The day’s event went really well I think, I learnt a lot about the design making process, interview situations and how to work well in groups. I’ve learnt the concept of producing tight work and I think my finished product shows it.

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Today we had to take photographs of things using the wrong mode. e.g taking a photo of a flower close up using landscape. we had to pick our top 5......

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HOW IT WORKS? - I think having the images across the top and along the side draws your focal point towards the text initially 

WHAT DOESNT WORK ?- I think the images along the top are to busy, the don't really give it a comfortable balanced feeling when your first look at it.

WHAT ARE THE DIFFICULTIES WITH SPLITTING THE RECTANGLE? - I found it really hard to work out were to put my images and text, because all my images were a different size so it was hard to visualize were to put everything to make it work.