Monday, May 24, 2010

I really really like the work Serialcut do, Its SO nice to look at. I think that they use 3d/2d images and photography to work really well together and i especially like there wild approach to color. I think they have a radical way at doing this but they pull it off so well because its looks so good. There's nothing conventional about this type of work but i think anyone could find it appealing to look at. The thing i love most about nit all is how good it looks when they use 3d type in real life scenario

Critique Report
Assignment: Logos, group work and report
In this assignment we had a number of businesses to choose and i decided to go with a private airline. I thought this type of business would favor my style of design rather than others like hair and beauty, public gym church and so on. I researched bold names of all types of companies, such as car makes, Men’s cologne, and even the dictionary to see what words i found esthetically pleasing. I came up with the name Boss Airlines. I wanted my company to have a classy feel, a airline that celebrities and wealthy people would use.
I came up with a few ideas and colors that I thought worked well together and a really strong logo. When it came to critique time I was told by my peers that i have a strong idea and it look good although i wasn’t being consistent in my process throughout my design. I was told that i did have a very strong effective logo but I didn’t use the same logo threw all my formats. This was very clear when i looked at my designs.
The second idea my peers had to say was that i needed to fix my type, i had used the same type in all of my work and we have been taught that its more effective to a strong font for your leading for my leading type and to use a completely different font for the secondary type faces.
My main concern with my work was that I wasn’t being consistent, and this was a crucial element i needed to rectify. I did have really good ideas for all different parts of my work but they weren’t put together so that they worked well together. So I decided to go threw all my work and write don’t the things I could get rid of and the things that should stay and simplify them so that all the pieces had all the same elements and were relatives. I also decided to study more airlines and what they used and this gave me many more ideas and concepts to use. Hopefully the end result will tell the truth that it has worked.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010