Sunday, February 28, 2010

Florist designs

A very simplistic design that meets its purpose. everything works well together from the text to the colors.

I think this is a well balanced logo as well, with the intricate flower work on the left and on the right the name by itself. i think the colors are very soothing.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


This works REALLY well, the overlaying flowers were what grabbed my attention first. the colours are esthetically pleasing. There is a great balance between the text and the lead design. Perfect.

I'm a big fan of using red with black, i think this is really striking and also very simplistic. There is a good balance with the text underneath the red circle with the strike threw it.I like the shapes and forms in this design, how they've used unusual shaped people to represent the different types of activities. The Green gradient works well to i think.

This design doesn't really use anything that's represents a dentist but it does use neutral colours that seem very calming, something you need alot of when you go dentist.

Another very simple design that's works really well, i like how they've used the shape of the tooth to form the shape of a sun. Not completely sure about the colour but i don't hate it.

This is quite a clever logo, i like how they've used the dentist chair to grab your attention. Also i like the colour selection, i think it works well.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

JEFF WALL- There is a underlying issue in this photo that know one but the 2 that are in it know about.
GREGORY CREWDSON- IS NOW MY FAVORITE PHOTOGRAPHER/DIRECTOR, all of his work really appeals to me. I had a hard time picking just one piece, i picked this one because I've written a short story about a young boy being lost in the wild, and this is exactly the picture i saw in my mind, its like he stole it from me and put it on paper, haha.
EDWARD STEINCHEN- Such a elegant and iconic era, when i look at this pic i can hear a jazz band playing in the back round.
CINDY SHERMAN- Ive noticed that the majority of the Cindy's photos are of a classy looking lady in and around places like the city etc, and than i saw this one and it made me think if she took this because she felt plastic and disposable.
LARRY CLARKE-I'm of the opinion that photos always seem to catch the side of people that they haven't seen before, the way i See myself inside and the way i look in photos is completely different, maybe that what he was trying to convey here?
ROBERT ADAMS- I saw a horror film called 'splinters' once, really crap film but this pic reminded me of it.
AKARI- With the despair look on her face i think maybe Akari was trying to show his version of the sinking feeling TONY VOCCARO- War I've always found so appealing photography wise, what i like about this pic is how you have this horse eating away unaware of the hostile and violent world that its surrounded in.
RICHARD BLLINGHAM- I really like this pic for its simplicity, its an empty room but it has a thousand faces.